Thank you for visiting our website.  At York County School of Technology, we understand the vital role you play as parents in your child's education. When you support our schools, you reinforce a number of valuable messages for your child, such as responsibility, accountability, respect for rules and respect for others.  

As educators, our goal will always be to work together with you to create an educational environment which enables every child to grow successfully into adulthood.

We welcome your involvement and we encourage you to take the following actions to ensure your child is successful in school:

  • get acquainted with educators who have the responsibility of teaching your children;
  • learn how  your schools operate and are funded;
  • learn what is being taught to your children, and;
  • lend a helping hand with student activities supervision..

Bus Stop Responsibilities

Students must be at the bus stop and visible to the driver ten minutes before the normal time for the bus to arrive.  If the bus has not arrived at the normal time, the student must wait an additional twenty minutes before leaving the bus stop.  If the driver does not see the student, the bus will not stop.

Waiting riders should wait on the sidewalk or off the main traveled portion of the roadway.  The designated waiting area, when possible, should be 20 feet back from the edge of the roadway to increase protectino from traffic movement.  Riders should wait until the bus has stopped completely before approaching the bus.  Riders should not enter or leave from the rear of the bus unless an emergency evacuation is required.  Riders should make a conscientious effort to be seen by the bus driver as they approach or leave a designated bus stop. 


  1. Report to the assigned bus stop at least ten minutes prior to assigned time and remain there a minimum of twenty minutes past the pick-up time. 
  2. Be punctual and wait quietly.
  3. Avoid disturbing private property.
  4. Move to the stopped bus in orderly fashion.
  5. Walk facing oncoming traffic or on a sidewalk, if provided.
  6. Do not enter the street until the bus has arrived and is completely stopped.


  1. Move well away from the bus.  Take six or more steps forward from the bus before starting to cross the road.  Cross only in front of the bus.
  2. Stop in line with the left front corner of the bus to enable a clear view of traffic lanes to the rear of the bus.
  3. Look left and right and left again toward the driver for his or her signal before continuing to cross the road.  Walk briskly across the road.