The York County School of Technology is governed by a Joint Operating Committee comprised of one school board member from each of the member school districts.  Members are elected by their school board to serve a three-year term.  Current members of the York County School of Technology Joint Operating Committee are:

Superintendent of Record
Dr. Scott A. Deisley, Red Lion Area School District 
Central York School District
Gregory W. Lewis (Member)
Joseph Gothie (Alternate)
Dallastown Area School District
William A. Lytle (Member) (Chairperson)
Anthony J. Pantano (Alternate) 
Dover Area School District
Charles DeLauter (Member)
Terry Emig (Alternate) 
Eastern York School District
Darvin Shelley (Member)
Douglas Bailey, Jr. (Alternate) 
Hanover Public School District
Jill Keeney (Member)
Cindy Gulden (Alternate)
Northeastern School District
Eric Hornberger (Member)
Barbara Murdocca (Alternate) 
Red Lion Area School District  
John Blevins (Member) (Vice Chairperson)
Stephen R. Simpson (Alternate)
South Eastern School District
Stacey Alexander (Member)
James Smith (Alternate) 
South Western School District
M. Ann Rinker (Member)
Clint A. Wright (Alternate) 
Southern York School District
Judi Fisher (Member)
Danielle Weaver-Watts (Alternate) 
Spring Grove School District
David Trettel (Member)
Cindy Huber (Alternate) 
West York School District
Courtney Dennis (Member)
Jeanne Herman (Alternate) 
School District of the City of York
Diane Glover-Brown (Member)
Tonya Thompson-Morgan (Alternate) 
York Suburban School District
Lois Ann Schroeder (Member) (Treasurer)
John Posenau (Alternate)