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The mission of York County School of Technology’s Media Center is to provide students and staff with the opportunity to become lifelong learners, users, and creators of concepts and philosophies. Our library vision is to ensure that students and staff are becoming proficient users of ideas and information; that students are empowered to be critical thinkers, passionate readers, skillful researchers, and that students and staff use that information ethically. The library will support our school’s curriculum, through collaboration with teachers and students, by continuing to develop a collection that is representative of our school community, and by implementing literacy instruction for students, while creating a learning space that is safe and edifying to all.

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Gale Databases Temporary Free Access

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Virtual Book Club

Join the club in Schoology! 

I will be posting books I am reading these next weeks that you can also access from our free e-books/audio books (see Student Resources below) and adding discussion questions and topics in Schoology.

You can join the first discussion without having read the books!!

Ms. Robinson is currently reading:
Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter (Link #1 below)
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater (Link #1 below)

Directions to join: 
1. Once logged in Schoology, click on the Groups tab at the top
2. On the right-hand side click My Groups
3. In the center of the page, click School Groups tab
4. Go to page 3 of the alphabetical listing of groups to find Virtual Book Club

Student Resources

Free e-books and audio books Link #1
(Scroll down and click "High School Stream" No Account Necessary).

Public Library e-books and audio books Link #2
(Click on the link above and scroll down until you see "Order Your Free Library Card".  The library should be able to email you a card number and PIN so that you can access these free e-books and audio books).

Directions for Accessing Public Library e-books and audio books

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