Act 48 Information
Act 48 relates to continuing education requirements for maintaining Level I and II certificates. Individuals holding emergency permits or intern certifications are not affected by Act 48 requirements. Individuals with Level I or Level II certificates must comply with Act 48 requirements whether or not they are actively teaching on their PA certificate.  Put simply, Act 48 requires certificate holders to complete 180 hours of continuing education every 5 years. 

Click here for PDE information and FAQs on Act 48

Check your hours here by entering your PPID number into the box. There is also a link to retrieve your PPID number if you do not recall it. 

How many years is the Act 48 cycle?
Typically it is five years, but the PDE recently added one year extension, effective November 2016.  For some teachers, this piggybacks onto a previous moratorium, so you may see that you have 8 total years for the current compliance period.  You can check your compliance period through the second link above (the PPID one).

Can I roll over hours between periods?
You can now!  Legislation passed as of July 13, 2016 stipulates that if an educator exceeds the 180 hour requirement, within this current compliance period, up to 50 excess hours or credit-equated hours earned within the last two years of the current compliance period may be attributed to the succeeding five-year compliance period.

Attending a conference or training and need Act 48 hours credited to your account?  
Email Dyann Karchnak at to confirm that the conference/training is appropriate for hours and use this form:  Verification of Act 48 Hours Form.doc   Take the form with you to the event; it requires the presenter or facilitator's signature.  The completed form should be sent to Dyann.

Need college coursework credited to your Act 48 hours?  
Effective January 1, 2015, PDE began accepting official electronic transcripts (eTranscripts) from out-of-state institutions of higher education for the purpose of documenting completion of Act 48 continuing professional education requirements. eTranscripts must be submitted to PDE by the out-of-state institution via the following email address: Please note that credits from Pennsylvania institutions of higher education must be uploaded directly into PERMS by the institution. This is typically done by the registrar’s office. PDE continues to accept hard copy official sealed transcripts from out-of-state institutions.  For more information, contact Pthe Division of Planning at .

Looking for the LIU's Act48 site to apply for a conference or get course preapproval?  
The website is here:  If you need your logon information, contact Dyann.

If you have any further questions about Act 48 or if your hours do not seem to accurately reflect your continuing education activities, please contact Dyann Karchnak.