Special Education

Special Education Services available at YCST:

The York County School of Technology offers Special Education Services and Programs to meet the needs of identified students.

Students at the York County School of Technology qualify and receive either itinerant or supplemental services based on the amount of time students spend in the regular education environment per day. 

Courses available at YCST: 

Students in grade 9-12 participate in three 90 minutes periods in their Career Tech Education (CTE) classroom.  Students who receive Itinerant support spend 80% or more time in the regular education classroom.  Students who receive Supplemental support spend 40% or more in the regular education classroom.  YCST does not offer Full-Time support as there are State determined hours all students must attend the CTE classroom.

Support available at YCST:

Itinerant and Supplemental Learning Support
Itinerant and Supplemental Emotional Support (*)
Itinerant Hearing Support (*)
Itinerant Visual Impaired Support (*)
Itinerant Speech and Language Support (*)

(*) Support for these classrooms provided by the Lincoln Intermediate Unit

How do I get help? 

The academic support room is open for students all day and certified teachers and assistants are there to provide assistance.  Students may be referred to the academic support room by their teachers, it may be written into their IEP or they may ask to leave class to seek support.  

Who are our teachers/case managers?

Matt Balsavage
Courtney Campisi
Hannah Coligan
Sue Dusman
Jennifer Ege
Emiliy Falvey-Smith
Lynn Hood
Donna Hruz
Greg Hughes
Justin Jayne
Shilla Little
Greg Naylor
Tara Nolte
Jeremy Smith
Mandy Stuart
Natasha Taylor
Brenda Wunner

Special Education Contacts:

Joseph Terch IV, Supervisor of Special Education
Karen Lenz, Instructional Coach
Rebecca Gross, Special Education Secretary