COVID19 - March 18, 2020 - FAQs


Q: Will there be any type of instru
ction during the two-week school closure? 

A: There will not be any instruction provided to students during this two-week window (March 16-March 27). 


Q: Some students can continue to get information from teachers online; was that considered? 

A:  As a school, we are responsible for equity of access to instruction for all students; that includes students without home access to the internet and appropriate programming for students with disabilities. This is taken into consideration with any days that we consider “instructional days”; and will be a part of any planning that occurs for days missed during and beyond this two-week period.   


Q: What does the closure mean for AP exams, Keystone exams, and NOCTI assessments? 

A: The PA Dept. of Education has cancelled the NOCTI assessment. The PA Dept. of Education will provide guidance regarding the Keystone assessment which York Tech would follow when any changes are determined.  We will communicate any changes to SAT, ACT, or AP, guidance as it is communicated with us.  We have been emailing updates to students who were registered for SAT’s.  


Q: My student was a part of an event, or a trip, or a competition, during this time (i.e. SkillsUSA, FCCLA, TSA, etc.) Will these events take place when school resumes? 

A: All activities are currently cancelled through March 29.   CTSO and Club Advisors have communicated updates for all canceled or postponed events that were to take place.  For all events that are scheduled after March 29, advisors will continue to provide updates directly to students.  The Pennsylvania State SkillsUSA, FCCLA, and TSA Conferences and Competitions have been cancelled.  


Q: Will students enrolled in dual enrollment classes or college in the high school programs have any different deadlines? 

A: For those students enrolled in dual enrollment or college in the high school courses, that information will be communicated directly to you via your course instructor, professor, or teacher.  


Q: When will these days be made up? 

A: Currently, the Governor has stated that the days missed from March 16-March 27 will not count against the state required 180 school days.  We will respond appropriately as a school once the total number of days missed due to “virus” closures has been determined. 


Q: Will graduation still be held on June 1st? 

A: There are currently no plans to change graduation.   


Q: Will you re-evaluate the situation in two weeks before the students go back to school? 
A: Yes. The Governor has stated that the closures state-wide will be re-evaluated during the current closure.  We, as a school, will also re-evaluate operations during that time as well. We remain in close contact with PA Dept. of Ed., PA Dept of Health, and the other districts in our Intermediate Unit (Adams, Franklin, and York Counties). 


Q: Does YCST have a plan for meal distribution to our students on free and reduced breakfast/lunch? 

A: Refer to your local district website regarding breakfast and/or lunch scheduled times and locations.  


Q: Are there options for free Wifi internet hotspots in York County during this time?  
A: Xfinity announced that they are opening up all of their community Wifi Hotspots for free access.  You can access the site link below to see if one is available near you: 

Q: My child has their medication at school and I will need it before two weeks. How do I go about getting it back? 

A: If you have medication at school that needs to be “picked up” during the closure, please email our school nurse, Sharon Melhorn and a plan will be created to facilitate the “pick-up. If you have any health questions for your student please also contact Sharon Melhorn For all  other health issues please notify your student's doctor. 


Q: I have question regarding admissions, who should I contact?  

A: Feel free to reach out to Director of Student Services, Mr. Mentz: 

Q: What are some online resources for COVID-19 information?
A: Additional resources on COVID-19 information can be found at 
     Resources For Families Facing Coronavirus Challenges Page 

Q: Will there be a 2020 Prom? 
As a result of the closing of school for the year, the prom scheduled for May 8th 2020 is cancelled. The class advisors are currently in the process of surveying juniors and seniors to investigate alternative plans and dates.

Q: How will I get my student's personal belongings out of their locker?
The Administration team is developing a plan for all students to retrieve their locker items. All items will remain status quo. When a plan has been developed York Tech, will contact you via skyward, one call, social media, and the website.

Q: Will my student still receive the yearbook that we paid for?
A: Yes, you will still receive the yearbook that you purchased. All yearbooks will be mailed directly to the address on file.

 Q: will my student receive their cap and gown?
A: At this time York Tech is working closely with Jostens to develop a plan on how to distribute caps and gowns for all seniors who purchased them.