Chop, fillet and create exciting cuisine every day as you experience the fast paced culinary industry.  From cooking for the student run Spartan Inn to providing food for large groups, students gain valuable restaurant experience.  Bake breads, cakes, pies, experiment with confections and chocolate.

Certifications Offered:  PA Skills Certificate (NOCTI), SERVSAFE

Expectations of students in the program: 

  • Be a good role model throughout the school
  • Practice safe habits at all times
  • Display a positive attitude/ give your best effort
  • Be a team player
  • Be able to work independently
  • Be physically fit
  • Use appropriate language

What will I learn? 

Students will master competencies in the Culinary Arts curriculum, which will include:

  • Safety and Sanitation Procedures
  • Purchasing, Receiving and Food Storage
  • Use and Care of Cutting Tools & Equipment
  • Prepare Standardized Recipes
  • Nutrition
  • Breakfast Foods & Beverages
  • Stocks, Sauces, Soups
  • Prepare and Cook Meat
  • Basic Baking Practices
  • Front of the House Operations/Dining Room Services


Contact the Instructors:

Chef Gus Gianopoulos                

Chef Jamie Good                      

Chef Bruce Baker           

Opportunities after High School

2 year programs: Penn College of Technology, YTI, HACC

4 year programs: Culinary Institute of America, Johnson & Wales

Career Opportunities based on Post-secondary options:

Careers with a high school diploma – prep cook & line cook

Careers with 2 years of post-secondary training – line cook up to Sous chef

Careers with 4 years of post-secondary training – line cook up to Executive Chef

Careers with 4 years + of post-secondary training – Executive Chef, Owner/Operator, or culinary arts instructor.

There are several programs that can provide you with ways to earn a college degree in less time and for less money.  One way is through SOAR – Students Occupationally and Academically Ready.  These are free college credits earned while at York Tech.  These are called articulated credits and these can save you time and money.  Please click below to see the credits you are eligible to earn through this program.

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Students at York Tech are required to wear a uniform.   Please click below for information regarding your technical uniform.

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