Member Company

James Brady YCST

Rockeia Camphor White Rose Bar and Grill

Amanda Coeyman Browns Orchards & Farm Market

Ken Good Ettline Foods

Stacey Heaps Brown Orchards & Farm Market

Audrey Langenhop Keystone Technical Institute

Robert Luckenbaugh YTI

Spencer Morring Ettline Foods

Terrill Orr Casellula at Alphabet City

Judy Rang Browns Orchards & Farm Market

Nicole Salamon Browns Orchards & Farm Market

Betti Saubel Saubel's Markets

Bradley Thomson Mudhook Brewing Company

Allison Timpe Porky's BBQ

Andrew Vollenweider Noodles & Company

Brandon Wiley The Nutrition Group 

Ex Officio Members

Bruce Baker YCST Culinary Arts Instructor

Gus Gianopoulos YCST Culinary Arts Instructor

Jamie Good YCST Culinary Arts Instructor