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YORK VoTech ..........

We are starting to plan the 50th REUNION for Class of '72. Mark your calendars for June 4, 2022. Alumni of '71 thru '75, and teachers are invited. If interested, please email [email protected] (Deb Godfrey) or [email protected] (Jim Renoll) with your current email address, phone, and mailing address. Thank you !!!

Any plans for a 1990 class reunion?
Yalanda Salone
Contact: [email protected]

Randy Grove
is looking for a 1977 yearbook for sale.
Please contact at rgroveyor[email protected]

Any plans for a Class of 1976 reunion?
Mark Shepard
[email protected]

Class of 1980 Grads!
Please join the Facebook Page "York Vo-Tech Class of 1980" for information on plans for a reunion in 2020.
Connie (Stambaugh) Keiser  [email protected]

Does anyone know anything about a Class Reunion this year? If so please let me know.

Dan Wagaman (class of 69)

[email protected]


Thank you! (Posted 5.31.2019)

Class of 2009 Reunion 

Date: Saturday July 27th

Time: 1PM

Location: Rocky Ridge County Park: Crow Pavilion

Event: Potluck Picnic. Hot Dogs/ Hamburgers ( I will front the costs ) Guests are to sign up with which dish they plan to bring before the event with Renee King (Arey)

RSVP: Please text/call Renee (Arey) King at (717)586-4998 OR on the Facebook page: YCST class of 2009 they can RSVP to the FB event titled " 10 Year Reunion"


Any questions can be directed to me (561)323-8662 or Renee King.


Thank you!


(Posted 5.31.19)

CLASS OF 1988 - We are planning a 30th Reunion.  If you are not already, please sign up on our class page     Tina Shaffer (Added 7.19.2018)

If anyone knows where John Bodnar, Class of 1987, is now, please tell him that his friend, Patty, from the class of 1986, is looking for him.  Call me.  Let's catch up!  717-225-4009  Patty Mummert  (Added 7.19.2018)

Can anyone tell me if there are any plans to have a class reunion for the 2005 graduates?  Thank you.  Courtney Noll [email protected]  (Added 7.19.2018)

If anyone knows where Jara Miller is, let me know.  I've been trying to find her for years.
Molly Britton  [email protected]  (Added 7.19.2018)

Hello Class of 1988 classmates.  I am trying to update all class contact info so we can have a great reunion this year. Planning for October. Please update your contact info on here,, or Facebook (search for Vo Tech class 88) or if you would like to email me its [email protected] Hope to see you there!!!!

Shantel Reinbold  (added 4.16.18)

Work up for 40th Reunion - Class of 1980.
Currently working on an theme.  Maybe 2 day Bahamas cruise summer of 2020.  All interested contact me at email or by phone.  Don't think any classes did this.  Sounded great to me for our 40th. 
Mark Dietz
50 N. 4th St. Apt 7
PO Box 747
Columbia PA 17512
[email protected]
Cell 717-342-8296
Work 717-840-5059
USPS RR Donnelly/Logistics Resources Inc.
301 Butterfly Commons Dr.
York PA 17404

Re:  Get Together for Classes of 87, 88, 89
Planning a get together on May 6, 2017.  If you would like to join in, please email Shantel Yingling Reinbold at [email protected]
There is also a Facebook page called Vo-Tech Class of 1988

Re:  Class of 1971 Reunion 
Are there any plans for a Reunion?  Alice Corse [email protected]

Re:  Class of 1977 Reunion

We are planning a class reunion for April 29, 2017.  For more information please

contact:  Randy Grove [email protected] or 717-848-1719

Re: Class of 1976 Reunion
76'ers !! Are there any plans in the works for a 40th year reunion. I've not made it back for any of the others and thought I'd free myself this year if so. In any case reach out and say hi. Would love to hear from you.
Fells, Class of 76, -Data Processing
[email protected]

Re: Class of 1986
Hi everyone and anybody!!!! After 12 plus years of extra hard work we didn't even get to "walk the line for our diploma!!!!" Now can you believe it's 30, YES thirty years later???? Was wondering if somehow someway any bodies would like to get together? Not sure if anyone is in charge. (I'm willing to help) but does anybody wanna get together somewhere?? Throw me some dates and ideas and I'll put in Community Couriers???

Re: Class of 2006 reunion 1/7/2016
Are there any plans for a 10 year reunion in the works?
Ben Sterner

Re: Class of 1976 reunion
Any plans for a 40th reunion?
Mark Shepard Class of 1976 - Machine Shop
[email protected]

Re: 90's graduates get together

Greetings Tech Alumni of the 90's. The Class of 96 will be hosting a get together on Saturday August 8th at 7:00 pm at Heritage Hills, Knickers Pub on the patio.  We would like to use this as an opportunity to invite all Tech Alumni who graduated in the 90's as many of us have shared experiences.  The more the merrier for this event.  Pass this on for anyone who may be interested.

Corey Baughman

Class President, 1996

Re: Passing of Jody Brickner 6/17/2015

Jody Brickner, retired York Tech English teacher, passed away recently.

Gina Brenneman

Re: 35th Reunion 5/29/2015
Once again were getting ready to a 35th reunion my address and number email etc
Mark D Dietz
309 n fourth st
Wrightsville pa 17368
[email protected]

Mark Dietz

Re: 20th Reunion 4/11/2015
 Hey Everyone!  Looking to put together a 20th Reunion for the Class of 1996.  Need information from everyone.  Please contact me via email at [email protected] with questions and suggestions.  Spread the word!  And don’t forget to look for the Facebook page we are putting together!  Thanks!  Heather Miller
Heather Miller

Re: Class of 1980 3/24/2015
Still getting together class of 1980 35th Mark Dietz309 n fourth stWrightsville pa 173687175422964
Mark Dietz

Re: looking for Tony costa 12/23/2014
Looking for Tony Costa. Graduated from tech in 75 . Just wandering how u have been . Maiden last name was Ness. My brother Clarence was in your class. We knew you since dissertation. Please contact me thanks.
Justin. wire

Re: 1993 Graduates
Any 1993 graduates still around?  Never got an invite to reunion.

Re: Yearbook.... Reunion 6/6/2014 
Anyone know who the printer was for the 77 yearbook ??? As we age and spread out across this great nation why not build reunions and invite people from 2 years prior and 2 after ?? You'll could possibly see people you have forgotten due to them leaving your first year or only with you for 1 as you departed.
Dan Robison


Re: Reunion? 4/24/2014 
What is the date if any for our 35 ?
Daniel E. Welty

Re: Looking for a friend 3/10/2014 
I am looking for a friend named Tammy Keller think she graduated in 89 90 not sure .She use to live near spring grove Pa. Anyone that knows how to reach her please give her my email address [email protected] and all help is gratefully appreciated and thank you very much.
Robert Booth

Re: 40th Class Reunion 2/26/2014 
I am looking for graduates from the class of 1974 for our 40th year reunion. If interested or you know of anyone that graduated from that year, you may contact me at [email protected]
Norma (Fake) Bair

Re: 30 Year Reunion 2/3/2014 
Trying to find out if there are plans for a 30 year reunion .
Laurie Walter Irons

Re: 10 year reunion 1/27/2014 
Does anybody from the class 2004 know if there is any plans for a 10 year reunion this year??
Kristina H

Re:Am trying to locate... 1/14/2014 
Looking for Robert "Bob" Kraft...Class of 1982.Please get in touch if you read this....Thanks
Jill Weyant

Re:Working on it reunion 35th prep 1/13/2014 
Currently getting figures for hall looking wisehaven june 2015 same same as prom location.
mark dietz

Re:Class of 2009 reunion 1/10/2014 
Is there going to be a 5 year reunion for us this year?
Sara Hartman