Cross Country


Spartan Cross Country

Varsity Boys and Girls

Head Coach: Rich Smith
Home Course: York Township Park


Parent Guide to Cross Country

2022 Cross Country Meet Schedule
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2022 XC Country Team Rules

Why Run Cross Country @ Tech and Brief Team Rules  
York Tech Cross Country Course
York Tech Cross Country Course Directions  
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"In cross country, you don't run against the other runners in a race and you don't even run against the clock. You run against yourself, against the very best that's inside of you." Steve Prefontaine- US Olympic Distance Runner

Meet Schedule 

The designated time for walking the course is 3:00.  The course should not be walked before 3:00 unless teams are available and agree to do so. Host school are asked to wait a reasonable amount of time for visiting schools to arrive. The starting time for Varsity Meets is 4:00.  Athletes should be given a reasonable amount of time for warm-up between the walk and running the course. The length of time it takes to walk some courses may dictate a delay in the start of the meet. However, coaches should use good judgment and not ask for unreasonable delays.


Directions to York Township Park

From York Tech - Go south on South Queen Street into Spry. Turn left on Oak Street at Campbell's Music Store. Go about 300 yards and turn into the York Township Park entrance on the left.

Understanding Cross Country

Cross Country is an endurance sport of long distance running. Most races
at the high school level are from 2.8 miles to 3.1 miles in length.
The great thing about Cross Country is that it's the fairest sport around-
you get out of it EXACTLY what you put into it. If you train hard and
correctly, you WILL be successful. If you think you can't run 3 miles, keep
in mind that very few people are "naturals" when it comes to distance
running. It's the coach's job to MAKE you a good runner. Some of our
best runners couldn't run even 1 mile when they first joined the team, but
they became good runners by being dedicated and disciplined.
Cross Country is a team sport in which teams start 8 varsity runners
each. The top 5 runners from each school count for scoring. 1st place
equals 1 point, 2nd place is 2 points.... The team with the low score wins.