YCST Alumni Directory Class of 2004

Allen, Jennifer
hey been a long time since we all seen each other. I miss seeing and talking to everyone. I am not married and I do not having any kids running around. I have been staying out of trouble. I really miss all the teachers.

Altland, Matt
Dover, PA
Bail-Bonds / Task Force
Maryland Bailbonds, Liberty Bailbonds, etc...
Graduated in 2004, Took 2 years with Mr. Warbritton, 2 Years with Mrs Pison. (Computers)...didn't really continue any of it lol. Got into bailbonds in 2005, so I"ve been working for the Maryland Fugitive Recovery/ Task Force since then.

Bachman, John
Heavy Equipment Mechanic
Kinsley Construction
Hey everyone its hard to believe that we have been out for near four years! It still feels like yesterday when we got out. Everything is going great for me as we speak i have a great job, a great girlfriend and i am having the time of my life. I don't have any kids as of yet but i am getting to the point where i am readyto settle down and start a family!!I worked for American Infrastructure for three long years and wish i never would of stayed that long but i started at kinsley in 05 and have been there ever since. I told everyone that i was gonna have my 01 dodge cummins when we got out i got it and the turned around a year later and bought a 2004 Black dually with a cummins that i am currently getting ready to redo!!! W are gonna hit atleast the 700hp range by the spring so watch out!!!! You can also hit me up on myspace!!!! Just look up my name

Baker, Brittany
Hershey Medical Center
Hi Everybody! This time last year we getting ready to graduate- it feels so weird that a whole year has past by already! I just got a new job at Hershey Medical Center as a Patient Care Assistant and am learning sooo much -- I am still going to school to become a RN. In addition to a new job I am also getting my own place in York and am excited for the summer to come. I really miss everyone and the fun times spent at Tech -- I hope everybody is doing well and having a good time -- Keep in Touch and take care!! Miss you!!!

Baker, Laura
Nursing Assistant
The Haven at Springwood
[email protected]
Hey everyone, I've been having a great time since high school but still have fond memories and crazy memories of tech

Bard, West
us army paratrooper
us army
WHATS UP! currently in Tall-Afar, Iraq. livin the life with the outstanding 82nd Airborne, jumpin out planes i know will land 20 minutes later(perfectly safe and in one piece!) still goin strong with Sarah. set a date AUG 27, 07. still lovin her to death! didnt take me long to relize how juvenille high school folk are, but now its the real world, and apologies to those who deserve em! lookin at three more years in the army, then law enforcement(hopefully swat) and possible secondary education. id love to be able to strap pads on and run someone over again, so i might go to a small college just for that!!!! but its good to see yall are doin well and dont be skeered to e mail. id be happy to hear from yall!

Behler, Kelly "Kele"
University of Phoenix
FT Employee/FT Student
This is an update from my last posting nearly 4 years ago. Much has changed. I live in Harrisburg now, working 2 jobs, and attending college full time for criminal justice. Still waiting on the word about our 5 year reunion...

Bosserman, Matthew
Hey I hope you guys are enjoying the real world. I don't really miss school. I'm single and looking. Good Luck with life.

Boyd, Theresa
Red Lion/Dallas,PA
College Misericordia
Well I made it through my first year of college. It was tough one. Lots of fun but tough. I miss high school, it was so easy. To the class of 2005 stay away from the parties, they will def. catch up to you. I have just recently been selected to live in the Leadership house here at school for next year. I will be living with 13 other students in a huge house for the year. Kinda like the Real World but without the cameras. I would like to thank my friends from high school for always being there for me then and now. Its tough after high school when we all move on to bigger and better things, I know we all have very busy lives, but it is nice to know you always have a friend there to help whenever you may need it. Anyway I dont have any kids and Im not even close to being married. Good luck to everyone else in all that they do, and keep in touch. Aol Sn: Softy05

Brodbeck, Carrie
Hi everyone, i miss you all. Life is so different when you finish school and you have kids. I have three wonderful babies, not married, not really planning on it. I hope that everyone has success in all that you do. Good luck to everyone!

Bupp, Kevin
Pope AFB, North Carolina
United States Air Force
Uncle Sam
Yeah, just enjoying life in the Air Force and taking advantage of all that comes my way. Been there done that is all I can say now. I know a lot of all ya'll saw me as never doing anything but now I'm out and experiencing parts of the world you haven't heard of. I missed being deployed to Iraq only by a couple days. I'm mad but I will go next year! Still looking for that special girl out there to spend the rest of my life with. She'll come. But got to go and work on those 12 million dollar aircraft so, catch ya'll later!!!

Conn, Jennifer
Hello everyone, well, my life has been full of surprises. It has taken me to Kansas, Lancaster, and Indiana. Currently, I am living in Dallastown, PA, with my mother and her girlfriend. With my last entry, I had all these plans of going back to school to do this or to do that, well, I haven't gotten to go back yet. I am a very happy mama of two. Joseph and Autumn are my two precious little ones. Taking care of them fulfill most of most of my days. I just love the time I have with them. If anybody is interested in contacting me more, I do have a myspace Well, best of luck to all of you!! I miss yous!

Cooper, Kaitlyn
Hey everyone! Hope the real worls is treating you all well! Things have changed a lot since High School. I'm not the mother of a wonderful son, born January 8, 2006. I travel the country doing Tattoo Expos, which rocks to be able to see new places and meet new people. Hoping to settle down someday. I guess I'll find out in the future just what cards the fates will deal me!

Cornelius, Melissa
Red Lion
cake decorator
Hey everyone its me. Just updated. I am now engaged to a wonderful man. I dont have any kids yet. I work giants as a full time cake decorator. I am planning on going back to school for nursing. I decided I want to become a rn. I miss everyone form school. I miss high school with just hangin out with friends. Well good lluck to u all.

Crumling, Keller
getting married next month, have an adorable fourth month ols son. Does any on have any info on the reunion?

Dawson, Brea
Edinboro, Pa
Edinboro University
Resturant manager/waitress
Hey guys,I cant belive its been 2 and half years since we have graduated but it feels great. Im still currently attending college in Edinboro, PA for Graphic Design and plan on graduating next year(how things go by so fast) but i wouldnt change it for anything! I have been in a wonderful relationship now for just about 2 years now. i hope everyone is doing as good as i am.

DeJesus, Kelly
York, Pa
Army Reserves
OMG! i miss everyone and im here in basic training.. its harsh especially the gas tank was the hardest to do here.. miss votech and hopefully everyone is good:) i miss my favorite teachers!

DeLong, Sierra
Port Deposit
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Retail Design Services
Im currently engaged to a guy named John. Still no kids but I do have a dog which is like my baby. After college I moved in with my now fiance. Well I hope to here from everyone and if anyone has myspace or facebook look me up.

Dickman, Amanda
West Palm Beach 
Florida Culinary Institute
Palm Beach Casnios
No, I'm not married. I'm attending FCI. Its a great school. I'm already in my 3rd quarter. I work for a big company. Its the Palm Beach Casino. And it's located in the port of Palm Beach. They baught a new ship and I'm working there. It's great. I love it. But I do miss all of my friends up there. Especailly Denise Lopez. Any one can email me if they want. Hope everyone is doing what they want to be doing and I wish them the best of luck in what ever they pursue.

Edmonds, Korey
High Tech Institute
Currntly in School for Pharmacy Tech. In sunny Orlando!! At first I felt like I needed to get away from York which is why I came down here. Now I miss York, and all of my friends back home. I'll try to manage and stay strong, though. I keep a journal online at, if you wanna know more! ^-^

Elliott, Christina
East Berlin, PA
haven't updated this in awhile but a lot has changed. I graduated and got my RN. I have a beautiful little girl who is ten months old and her name is Ivy. Not married. About to start back to college to get my BSN in nursing. Hope everyone is doing well.

hey people whats up nuttin much here i havent talked to anyone since graduation i miss some of you guys and gals we need to party sometime i can throw some good ones up here in williamsport email me sometime to catch up on things that would be cool well peace out

Estrada, Edgar
York Auto Group
Wow 6ys years have gone fast and alot has changed.I still work at The same place York Auto Group (used to be Diehl motors). I work at the Pre-owned lot on Carlisle ave. Anyways im finally getting married in june to the girl that i have been with since i was in 12th grade lol. If anyone wants to talk im on face book and myspace but mostly facebook because of farmville and cafe world lol. Oh i forgot no kids yet;-).

Fleming, Josh
Red Lion
shift manager
hmmm for those of you who know me then i dont have much to say and for the ones who don't please listen to what i say. My name is josh fleming this much you know is true. I work at starbucks the one in old tolgate village. I am not currently attending college for personal reasons. i am getting big in to rock climbing and backpacking/hikeing, and kayaking. I dont really have much more to say than i hope you rember me and that you have a great day.

Wassssssssap, yall, I'm doing good. I went back to school and I'm taking criminal justice. Hopefully by this time next year I'll be a york county police officer or a state cop. I'm still single and I miss everyone. If anyone would like to write me, they can e-mail me at [email protected] txt me at 717-451-6855. I even grew gutts enough to stop putting up with peoples attitude.

Frantz, Jason
Santa Rita, Guam
Currently military/ part time co-restuarant owner
US navy
Well its been a long long time. I miss the old days of easy. Lol. Anyways Im currently living in guam, in the military, just recently bought my own house here with my own ocean view, guam is amazing, I also am in a dual ownership of a local restaurant here. So this have changed since we all left school. Feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]

Frost, Nicole
Omaha, Nebraska
University of Nebraska Omaha
Nothing to really say cept for I finally decided what I was going to go to college for and where I wanted to go. I am attending University of Nebraska for Pyschology. No kids, not married, just living life and enjoying it. =]

Frye, Joshua
Jacksonville, NC
United States Marine Corps
Wow, hard to believe it has been 7 yrs!! Seem's like just the other day we were the first 9th grade class to be accepted into the school. I was married and now divorced, she couldnt handle the deployments. I have been to several different states, Okinawa Japan, and Iraq. Now I am in NC getting ready to re up for another 4 yrs in the Corps. Hope all is well with everyone, and and going the best it can.

Fuhrman, Jessica
full-time mom
Well its been 5 years...and So much has happened to everyone. I for one, have become a mother, and have moved on with Brandon Wiley..he and I have been together for some time now. We're going to settle down later. I love being a mom to my two kids, kylie Jordan and Robert Jr (aka RJ) both are so big. I do have a facebook and myspace, just search my name, you'll find me.

Gross, Sara
Stay at Home Mom
HEY CLASS OF 2004! We had a great year didn't we? I think we did rise above what the previous classes did. It feels so good to be out of school, but I am definitly going to miss everyone! I am now engaged to a very wonderful man, and I have a beautiful baby girl, Chloe Emmaline, who was born March 11th, 2006. Please drop me a line sometime, and let me know how things are going! Things sure have changed! Good luck to all of you, I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. I hope I see you all again in 2009 or 2014! :-) KIT! **Sara

Haas, Sarah
York Township
York College of Pennsylvania
Military Policeman 
Army Reserves
Hi all. Wow!! I can't believe it's been so long since we graduated. I must honestly say that I miss the whole commodore of high school. I miss my friends and all the laughs, tears, and even all those petty fights we shared. (the sr. trip girls, who could forget the first night there we were fighting?) Well I successfully made it through my basic training and advanced individualized training and I am an MP in the Army. I couldn't be any more proud of any other accomplishments that i have made in my life. The flag that I bear on my right shoulder and my dog tags say it all. (It is something that no one can ever take away from me.) Getting involved in a military world really has made me grow even more and has given me many opportunites. I wouldn't change it at all. Like nothing in this world we aren't perfect, but West and I are still together and we plan on getting married in the future. We have had our share of ups and downs but once we let go of all the drama and! stopped letting people run our lives through gossip, things straightened themselves out and we are very happy. Along with the military I am also attending york college studying criminal justice. i would love to get into law enforcement one day and eventually make my way to csi or swat, but i am only taking it one day at a time. My sister and i are getting an apartment together in Red Lion and I can't wait. I am very excited to be out on my own starting yet another chapter in my life. One thing i have definetely learned is that there are hurdles in the way of everything you will seek to do, but keep pushing and you are bound to come out on top. Oh yeah, the drama never stops once you graduate, it unfortunately is all around you, it's whether you choose to be a part of it or not that counts. well i think i have said enough. God bless you all and i truly hope that you all accomplish the goals and dreams you seek in your life time. I hope to see everyone at the five year reuni! on. Remember..."Always reach for the stars and you'll never get a han dfull of dirt." -sarah haas

Hober, Kristina
Orlando, FL
High Tech
no im not married but i WAS engaged. I dont have any kids yet. I attend High Tech institue and studying digital design and animation and im soo glad that nobody else fell for this school. It is not at all like i was told. But yeah the upside is that im graduating in February and moving back home. Going to England in the summer of 2006. I miss everybody from tech, i keep going through my yearbook and getting teary. My roommates are horrible but im living. Graduation was awesome! i will never forget it, or the fact that i was hit in the head with a cap. haha For those who remember me, im COMPLETELY different now. i no longer wear those baggy clothes and i had dreadlocks for about 4-5 months but had to get rid of them (yes i had to cut them out) for my job. pooy. Anybody can email me. I check it daily. anyways..i gotta get going, duty calls. *rushes out the door* tootles~

Jackson, Amy Posey
Stay at home wife
Hi everyone wow cant belive that its been this long since i'v seen you guys. I'm married now it was 4 years in June dont have no kids yet. I live in Whiteford Maryland now Just cant wait to see you all at the reniuon.

Johnson, Brittany
Nail Salon, Nail Technician
Statesville, NC

Kepler, Charles
Driver, entrepenure
Reliance Motor Coach
Sup ppl. It's nice to see all the posts on the board. Kinda weird how the time flies. Seems like just yesturday I was chillin with some of ya. I have no kids and I ain't married or even dating right I was engaged but yeah...... Currently I am driving a school bus part time for the Dallastown School District. Kinda funny how I gotta deal with the same stuff we used to do to the bus I am in the middle of starting up my own repair buisness. Hopefully it will be up and running by summer. I finally got away from my Saturn about 3 months after graduation and now drive a GMC. Part of me is glad to be away from the hs drama that made everyday life annoying for somany years, but I do miss certain ppl. If anyone wants to catch up, hit me up. it's also my msn messanger and my yahoo is ckyt04. I also have a myspace at

Lupey, Ian
Lock Haven
Lock Haven University
Cook, Student
Livin' the life at LHU. miss y'all

Lutman, Jennifer
Culinary arts/Restaurant Management
HI! It feels like just yesterday we were still in school. So what's new with me? I don't have any kids, but in October 2009, I am getting married to a fellow alumni(no not from our graduating class). Not really much else here. Though we are planning to move to Florida after the wedding. So, if you wanna talk, just e-mail me!

Mansberger, Carrie Brodbeck
red lion
Hi everyone, I miss you all. Life is so different when you finish school and you have kids. I have four wonderful children. I'm married to Nathan Mansberger, the love of my life. I hope that everyone has success in all that you do. Good luck to everyone!

Marsteller, Heather
Stewartstown, PA
Harrisburg Area Community College
Administrative Assistant
York County Fire School
Wow, I can't believe how fast time flies by. What have I been up to? Well I graduated in May 07 with a degree in Fire Science from HACC. I am glad it is over. I am now waiting for a position in my field. Am I married? Kids? No, I am not married yet, but maybe less than two years I might be married, with an engagement coming anytime. My boyfriend attends school at University Park in State College, and we are waiting till he graduates in May 2009. I do not have any kids. After working in daycare for almost a year, I am not interested in having any kids of my own any time soon. I can't believe what 4 years has done. Some of you are married, with children, others are still in school. So much has changed. It seems the longer we are out of school, the faster the year flies right by you. Before you know it, we will be at our 5th and 10th year Reunions. Can�t wait to see everyone. Don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Martin, Lindsay
hello all
i havent talked to hardly anyone since school my cell number is 717 476 9484 if you know me text me or call me

McCloskey, Mark
college student
What's up, people? I graduated last year and am now in the wonderful world of college...pretty girls and I stand little chance with most of them....but here's hoping! I've been enjoying myself, yet still not losing focus of the main a 2.88 GPA first semester.... I'm actually studying Communications/Journalism to eventually write in Technology magazines/for Technology doesn't matter much to me if I can get a job straight out of college... To anybody that graduated last year or is still in school, keep rockin'! Good luck on whatever you decide to only advice is to do what you love, and not only pursue what earns the most money...

McCallum, John
Red Lion
PSU: York
Computer Technician
Lion Technologies Inc.
Guess what? The first 4 semesters at PSU: York will teach me EXACTLY all the same things I learned at Tech. JAH!! I'm doing their world campus courses. Cheaper and easier when you work full-time. I'm working in Red Lion on computers. Also, I co-own a gaming center here. Brooke and I are now engaged. Dec. 25, 2005. We plan to marry on Oct. 5, 2007. Enjoy yourselves and never stop doing what you love. :-D

McManuels, Jennifer
York Technical Institute
Hey everyone I can't believe that we have been out of school for a year already. I miss every one I can not wait for our first reunion. I started at YTI in January and in October I am moving to Florida for my extership!!(Can't wait) Well if anyone wants to chat you have my Email:)

Miller, Amanda Kinert
mommy and wife
since 2004 so much has happened in my life. In 2006 i had a baby girl alexis lynn. i met my husband in feb of 2009 and we were married in october of 2009. we have our own place with alexis and or dog kodie. august 7 of this year my mom passed away from a mess of medical problems that she had many many years. id like to get intouch with some of the people from my past and see how their lives have changed or not changed.

Moran, Sean
Equipment Technician for Sheetz, Inc.
West York

Rauch, Joshua
Sunderland, Ma
Pennsylvania College of tech
Aircraft Maintenance Tech
General Dynamics Aviation Services
I am not married nor do I have any kids. I am happily employed at GDAS in Westfield Mass. I can't believe it has been four years since I last walked the halls of YCST. It seams as if it were just yesterday. Now in the "real world" I have many new challanges to overcome and many new adventures to face. I will never forget those four short years that I thought would never end. Thank you to all of you who crossed paths with me in the past. You all helped make me who I am today. I cannot wait to see you all again at our next reunion. Your Friend Josh "Ralph"

Reever, Tiffany Vogelsong
Hope things are going great for everyone. It seems like so long ago that we graduated. I got married in October of 2004 and loving every minute of it. Don't have any kids yet, but hopefully soon. I will be starting school this spring (2006) for something in the medical field, but not quite sure yet. Hope yall keep in touch. Best wishes! Tiffany P.S I still love the Yankees!!!

Rider, Nicole
Nail Tech
R/A Martin and Associates
Hey everyone! I miss you all, but I still don't miss school! I'm enjoying the real world, all it's ups and downs. I got a new job with much better pay and more opportunity to grow even further. Still working on that singing career so if anyone can help me out with information on auditions, etc, please let me know! I have a wonderful boyfriend and hope he's finally "the one" because I'm sick of the whole dating process. So I'm generally very happy and I hope all of you have found happiness as well... if not, be patient, it'll come. I'd like to talk to you all, even if I never knew you before, so my AIM sn is NRR2004 and my email is above! Git R Done!!

Rineholt, Ashley
Rest haven
Heya 04 and the rest of ya's. Hope everyone is doing great. Im back in wonderful Pa after spending some time in the sunshine state. Met the love of my life down there goinf on 2 years with him now. thinking about school again. Cant wait to see everyone at the 5 year reunion.

Rivera, Miguel
york pa
hey myspace me or face book me or email me. i want to know who is still out there

Rohrbaugh, Jason
Dover, Pa
Universal Technical Institute
volunteer firefighter/machine operator
Warrell Corporation
Hey everybody! Time really flys by fast. It just seemed like yesterday that we graduated. I'm currently going through training for volunteer firefighting, and looking eventually to go to paid firefighting. I'm single, no kids, and not much going on at the moment. Lately, been going out with my roommate to bars and hanging out. It's hard not seeing "friends" anymore. I miss you all even though we may have fought sometimes. You know who you are, but I forgive you. Feel free to email me sometime. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Schmuck, Nathaniel
Thaddeus Stevens/ UP online
Security Officer
I play DE at Football for the Central Penn Piranha, and also started taking karate, and work at York hospital for 4 years and still there. Plan in 2 years to work for the Air Marshals after i have my 4 year degree in Criminal Justice. Also still single but talk to alot of ladies and date. I miss you all and can't not wait to see you at our reunion. CLASS 2004 ROCKS

Seitz, Chris
Providence,Rhode Island
Johnson and Whales University
Whats up. Rhode Island is way too far from home!

Sharp, Austin
York City
Whattup Yall? I thought I was gonna be madd happy that this was it and it was all over.....but this kind of sucks.....kind of sad....Ill never get to see any of the people in that school again....well atleast we got this far.....its sad but hey we done......goodluck everyone with everything yall do

Shue, Rebecca
York College
Administrative Professional
Datum Filing Systems
Hello out there to the class of 2004. WOW!! I can't beleive it, almost a whole year without the everday laughter and good times of high school and I can't beleive it. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying those graduation parties and just waiting for the day to come where we would be free. Now I look back on those days and wish they could have lasted just a little while longer, but then I woke up and realized that here I am in the real world and if I wanna make something of myself i better do it now, so thats what I'm doing. I do have to say though that its not near as much fun as high school and I think all of you will agree with me on that one. So, here I am a part time college student looking back on the past year and wondering what in the world just happened. I hope all of you are reaching for the stars and living your dreams because you know you can't waste any time, not at the rate that its flying by. To all of you that joined the service, I hop! e all is going well for you and don't forget about all of us who are supporting you for serving our country. So, in closure I'd like to say I can't wait to see all of you again in four years and catch up on what everyone has been doing. I would also like to ask that if anyone does have an adress change that you let me know so I can keep in touch with you for the five year reunion becasue I would like to see everyone there!!! :-) KIT: [email protected]

Smith, Christina Munshower
BSOM York campus
stay at home mom
Well guys im trying to get this as updated as possible. I really do miss alot of the students, teachers, and all the good times that im sure that we all had.Well i have moved im now living on 24 in the middle of york and red lion, Im still married going on 3 years in Sept, my son just turned one back on March 5 2009, my daughter is 6yrs old now she will be 7in aug. i hope that everyone keeps reaching for the stars and all of ur dreams are still coming true.i hope to see all my classmates at the reuninon.

Stough, Nicole
Customer Service
Clinton Industries Inc.
Hey everyone, I hope that everyone is doing great since we have graduated!! I am doing good, I have a 2 year old son named Brandon and am hoping to get married sometime in the near future. I really miss school and all of my friends (I never thought I would be saying that I miss school). If you have time or want to talk e-mail me!!

Ullman, Robert /aka/TEX 
Buffalo wild wings / Aim lovesfootball47
hey ppl i am still the same old tex. i thought i would see what was up wit every one. man it feels so good to be out of school. i just wanna thank everybody from school and i miss all of u. i moved back to texas and now got my own place wit my girlfriend. other then that still the same old crazy tex go class of 2004. my email and aim is on the screen so hit me up

Walker, Kanisha Turner
Thompson Institute
Patient Admin Service Specialist
I have been married for over 3 years with two beautiful boys Armani and Calvin.

Waltersdorff, Nichole
Margret E. Moul Home
hey everyone! well, I came back to tech for a little in May of 07 and got my CNA license, so I'm currently a CNA at the Margret E. Moul Home. I'm attending HAAC part time in the evenings for my RN and I have a beautiful 2 year old boy named Elijah that I had with my high school sweet heart, Lance Snyder. We're no longer together, but on good terms. I'm just a single mommy/full time employee/part time student right now trying to make it on my own! Have an awesome time, people!

Whitaker, Samantha Friese
Annville, PA
Whitaker Cleaning Systems
Hey all! I've been married now for over 2 years and have a 14 month old. It's amazing how time flies. As excited as I was for a reunion, I won't be able to attend the 5/6 year. Sorry all. It'd be nice to hear from you though, I'm on Facebook.

Wiley, Brandon
Stewartstown, Pa
Pennslyvannia Sch. of Culinary Arts/YTI Career Institute
Cook 1
Hollywood Casino
I'm currently engaged and getting married on November 6th 2010 to Jessica Fuhrman. I am very busy helping her with the two kids plus going to school and work. Thats right ladies and gentlemen i am going straight to the top of my field. I miss seeing you guys. Wish we had some better officers so that i could have had a class reunion. But i guess they cant hack it. O well ttyl hit me at my email.

Wilson, Alyssa
York City
To the class of 04, we finally made it guys. I complained about how much i didn't like tech but now that we've finally made it here i realized that these were a great four years. I'm really going to miss everyone. To answer your questions. No I'm not married. I'm not having kids until a while fom now. No I'm not looking for anyone because I'll be leaving York soon. Good luck to the class of 04 and beyond.

Widener, Zachary
Norwich Public Utilities. Utility Constitution Pipefitter
Norwich, Connecticut

Wiley, Brandon
Line Cook
New Freedom Restraunt
Hey Guys, long time no see lol. So im currently out the military. Im a Combat Veteran having served in the Middle East. IM currently Going to YTI Lancaster Campus for Culinary Arts and Restraunt Management. Thats right everyone the guy is going all the way to the TOP. Well i cant wait to see u all at the Reunion. Hit me up if u want at my e-mail [email protected]

Williams, Zachary
Reading Penn Tech
Electrical Mechanical Technician
East Penn Manufacturing
Wow its been five years already, I finished college and now I work on PLCs and automation equipment for a battery manufacturer. And Got my own appartment.

Yanez, Denise Lopez
York, PA
Stay at Home Mommy for right now.
Well here is another update to my last entry if anyone actually still looks at this site. I've been married for about 5 yrs. now - I have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter and have baby #2 on the way... Well I guess I either missed the reunion or there just wasn't one so not looking forward to one anymore, but I do miss all of my culinary babes.. Well as usual keep reaching for your dreams and never let anyone get in your way..

Youngman, Brian
Red Lion
Customer Service Mgr
Weis Markets
Hello guys been over a year since I have changed my post. Moved into the house in Red Lion, Still married to Angie (4 years in September wow time goes by fast), have one kid Bryce he will be 4 in August, a dog Teddy (he is a white miniture eskimo), and a new job that I have been at for over a year now. I am currently working at Weis Markets at Queensgate I see alot of the teachers there definitly nice to see them as regulars hope all is well for Mrs Runkle and everyone else as well. hope to see you all at the reunion and hope everyone has found what they are looking for in life and if they didnt that they are on the way.