YCST Alumni Directory Class of 1974

Boyer, Paul
Durham, NC
Univ Of NC Hosp Air Care
[email protected]
After graduating Served in the Army for 3 years, I have also served in the Army and Navy reserves. Graduated from the Pa State Paolice Acad. in 1977. Was a Police Officer in the folowing departments: Delta Boro 1977-1978 West York Borough 1985-1988 Wrightsville Borough 1986-1988 Red Lion Borough 2/1988-12/1988 West York Borough 1989-1998 Glen Rock Borough 1993-1995 Was a Fire Fighter with West York Borough A member of the York County Hazmat Team EMT with West York Ambulance Married once and currently divorced no children I currenty employed by the Univ Of North Carolina as a EMT-Intermediate / Driver for the Pediactic team. I am in the process of completing my BA in Biblical Studies / Criminal Justice, and hope to attend law school in the near future.

Buckel, Kathy Conway
Wrightsville, PA
Postal Worker
[email protected]
Married for 22 years with 2 wonderful kids. Does anyone know where or what has happened to Mr. Hippensteel?

Cummings, Deb Jennings
Seven Valleys, PA
Self Employed 
Basement Cleaning & Junk Removel
[email protected]
I'm Married to Bill He's the love of my life.We got married January 1975, Almost 29 years ago, We have three wonderful daughters, Which all graduate from tech. My youngest daughter Jessica was killed , coming home from school (tech) with a neighbor. My jessica was the passenger. Both girls died . My life has changed so much since the accident. It will be 4 years on Dec 10,2003. She was my baby , She only had 6 months til she would of graduate, Her life was just starting.All her dreams will never come true. Because she died so young. My husband and i have been though so much , But losing jessica was the worst thing I would of never thought i would of had to go though in life.Jess had gotten her senior pictures the day before she went to heaven. And the school (tech) invited my husband and I to go to received her diploma. She was the first one from Vo-Tech class of 2000 to receive her diploma. Then they changed the name of tech.My daughter Amy , she is the oldest was born on my husband B-day. She has 3 children , one of them was stillborn. my first grandson, he's in heaven along with his aunt jess. Destiny & Jacob is her other two. My middle daughter is Billi jo , she is it married yet. But has a daughter Tiffani. And my daughter jess never had the chance to become a mother. I do have her frist doll baby. I would of give my life , if my daughter could jess could of lived. Everyday i think of her & my other girls. They lossed their little sister. Aug 14, 2001 . My husband and I started a support group. for parents that lossed a child, some more then one. My life you never be the same , But i have to live with her memories. Because life is to short. And someday we will all meet up in heaven.To all of my friends at tech. Injoy your life and if you have kids please let them know you love them . I tell mine everyday. I never had the chance to say good-bye to my jessica, but then i don't think i could of anyway.

Gruendler, Greg
Jacobus, PA
Consulting Engineer
[email protected]

Heiner, Ellen Berkebile
[email protected]
I'm wondering if anyone can help me find Danny Weston from the class of 1973. Gee I hope he isn't married.I sure would love to hear from him.

Mansberger, Sue McClune
Dover, PA
Electroplating Technician/Mom
F.C.I. Electronics
[email protected]
I am married, and I have one son, Josh.

Rohrbaugh, Richard
Marietta, Georgia
Sr. Mechanical Designer
Yamaha Motor mfg co / pwc div.
[email protected]
Maried in 1979 to my 21 year old bride Brenda Lee. We have two beautiful. Daughters ages 14 and 18. Where is our drafting teacher Mr. Arnold? Thank you for sharing your knowledge. And the skills for my career. I have been working for Yamaha several years designing and testing Personal Watercraft.This is one cool job.

Shaffer, Scott
Burtonsville, MD
Senior Unix Engineer
US Census Bureau
[email protected]
Divorced with 4 daughters and 2 grandchildren. Served in the Army as an Arabic linguist, traveled quite a bit and now working with computer systems.

Shue, Kenneth
Dover, Pa
Voith Hydro
[email protected]
Married for the second time. Three boys to the first wife two step daughters. the whole heard is between 20 to 23 years old.My three boys are out of the house,the two step daughters moved back in and both have little ones.

Stough, Susan Smith
York, PA
Barry Beaven M.D.
[email protected]

Unger, Rodney
Manager of Drafting/Design
Johnson Controls
[email protected]
Married October 26, 1974 3 children ages 33,31,29 and 2 grandchildren ages 10 and 2. Have worked in the field of Drafting since graduation. Changed jobs in 1976. went to work for Borg Warner, which became York International and was bought by Johnson Controls.