Student Services
Student Services


Guidance services are designed to assist students in becoming successful individuals in the community and the labor force. Guidance activities emphasize the placement of students into courses to foster success. General, personal, academic, vocational and occupational counseling is available. Information concerning educational opportunities is available in the Guidance Office. Individual and/or small group counseling is used to assist students in preparing for a job, solving personal problems and planning a career. Students may make an appointment with guidance staff to discuss any of these concerns.

Special Education

YCST provides a range of services to meet the diverse needs of students eligible for special education. Certified special education teachers and classroom assistants support identified students in the following areas: learning support, emotional support, hearing impaired support, speech and language support. Students with special needs participate fully in the activities and programs of the school. Support services, accommodations and adaptations necessary for each special student to be successful are specified in an Individual Education Program (IEP) developed annually.

School Psychologists

Certified school psychologists are available on a perminent basis throughout the school year. They are readily available for critical incidents requiring stress reduction intervention. Psychological services include the following: psychological/educational evaluations; individual, family and group therapy; consultations with students, parents, school personnel and community agencies. The services are encouraged and supported by the administration for the purposes of enhancing academic/vocational growth and maintaining physical/mental wellness.

English as a Second Language Services 

The York Tech ESL program is designed to meet the unique language needs of limited English proficient students both in their academic and vocational programs. Bilingual assistance for Spanish speaking ESL students is also part of the program. Students receive English language training, help navigating school regulations, help with homework and computer literacy and other assistance to enable hem to succeed. Translators are available for parents at school functions if needed.

New Options - Non Traditional Students

Non traditional career choices can provide personal and professional satisfaction, higher salaries and benefits, greater incentive for advanced training, greater employment possibilities and greater advancement possibilities. The goal of the New Options program is to assure that all students have full and equal access into occupational areas of their choice and to assist them in selection and provide ongoing support for students in non-traditional programs.

Cooperative Education

This experience provides on-the-job training for eligible students during their senior year. Students participating in Co-op continue their vocational training by working for participating employers when they are scheduled for their vocational program. Co-op Coordinators supervise the training experience by visiting the work site and provide related instruction and work-related counseling.