Student Equity Resources

Equity Resource Office

Contact: Gerry Mentz, [email protected]

 Providing information, advocacy, programming, student/staff trainings, and support around issues of:

  •          Disability
  •          Gender, Gender Identity
  •          Sexual Orientation
  •          Immigration Status
  •          Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity
  •          Religious Diversity


Counseling Office

Contact: Tanya Merchant, [email protected]

 Providing individual student support, testing, service referrals, and emotional support programming through the following group:

  •          Girls Group
  •          Boys Group
  •          Anger Management Group
  •          Chronic Illness Group
  •          LGBT Support Group

“The Hub”

Contact: Rebecca Love, [email protected] or Jen Smith, [email protected]

 The Hub is a student-driven and student-run center open before school and certain lunch periods. The Hub provides direction to school and community resources for student needs. Services provided include:

  •          Immediate need clothing and food
  •          “Cinderella’s Closet” formal dance dress center and swap
  •          Tutoring
  •          School resource and community resource service referrals


EL (English Learners) Programming

Contact: Jacob Fox, [email protected] or Larlyn Muller, [email protected]

 Supporting students and families who don’t speak English as a first language. We also help students and families who recently learned English. Our services are instructional, administrative, and outreach-based and include:

  •          Daily language instruction for ELs
  •          Grade monitoring for ELs and former ELs
  •          After school support for ELs, former ELs, and their families
  •          Meetings with parents to discuss student goals and challenges
  •          Monitoring the school’s progress in serving the EL community