Full Time Admissions

 2022/2023 Applications


Admissions Criteria 

For entrance into 9th or 10th grade, students must:               

  • Receive passing grades in the four major subjects areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Have 5 or fewer unexcused absences at the time of application (for current school year)
  • Complete an online application and essay 
  • Participate in an interview conducted by a representative from York Tech
  • Complete Math and Reading placement testing 
  • Complete a Career Matchmaker Questionnaire at York Tech



Please select the appropriate application for your prospective student.

Please address any questions to the Student Services Office: 
phone 717-741-0820 

For more information, visit your school's counselor.



How do I fill out an application for York Tech?                                               

If you would like step by step instructions on how to apply please visit the appropriate link below. If not, please click the Apply Here! image that applies to your situation. 

                   I currently do not have a student enrolled at York Tech CLICK HERE

                   I currently have a student enrolled at York Tech or I have had a 
                          student enrolled at York Tech in the past CLICK HERE 

                                     Apply here if you DO NOT have a student that currently is enrolled at York Tech.
                Click the box above if you DO NOT have a student currently attending York Tech.



                                     Apply here if you DO have a student currently enrolled at York Tech.

                   Click the box above if you DO have a student currently attending York Tech
                            OR HAVE HAD a student who previously attended York Tech.