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Welcome Prospective Students,
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York County School of Technology
2179 S. Queen Street
York, Pa 17402

York Tech offers a unique and personalized educational experience where every student is guided and encouraged to reach his or her full potential. You will gain knowledge, certifications, and experience in your technical area of interest as well as stellar education in all traditional high school  academic courses. 

Our goal is to match students with a technical program based off their skills, interests, and goal that allows them to meet success in their future.


What technical programs can I choose from? 

York Tech offers a variety of technical programs for students in Grades 9 through 12. Our programs provide training needed to be employed in business and/or industry or to enter college upon graduation. Each of our programs is housed under one of our 4 Pathways. Click here for the list of programs. 

How do I fill out an application for York Tech?                                               

Please visit 

What is the admissions criteria for being a competitive candidate?                                                

For entrance into 9th or 10th grade, students must:               

  • Receive passing grades in the four major subjects areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Have 5 or fewer unexcused absences at the time of application (for current school year)
  • Complete an online application and essay 
  • Participate in an interview conducted by a representative from York Tech
  • Complete Math and Reading placement testing 
  • Complete a Career Matchmaker Questionnaire at York Tech

What type of traditional academics does York Tech offer?

York Tech offers the same academics that a traditional high school provides. Our curriculum consists of your English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, Related Students, Science, Social Studies, and Special Education classes. 

image showing academic list

Is there a tuition fee for attending York Tech?                                               

FREE to all families! 

Tuition costs are covered by the sending school districts. Students must wear uniforms that comply with industry standards for professional dress when attending York Tech. Students are accepted according to our admissions policy. Applicants will be evaluated based on grades, attendance, interest, and professionalism. Students may apply while enrolled in 8th or 9th grade. Our annual Open House is held in November of each year.


Do you still have questions? 

We would love to hear from you. 
Please address any questions to the Student Services Office: 
Ms. Sandra Turcotte 

[email protected]

717-741-0820 ext. 5111


Spartan Nation Mission

The York County School of Technology is dedicated to providing high quality, dynamic academic and technical education for students, emphasizing professional skills while fostering the development of compassionate, lifelong learners who appreciate unique differences of other individuals and cultures.

Shared Values

In order to accomplish our mission, the York Tech Community has embraced the following core values:

Professionalism: Spartans are on time, prepared and engaged.

Empathy: Spartans are kind, understanding and supportive.

Innovation: Spartans are bold and creative problem solvers.

Optimism: Spartans are positive, constructive and helpful.

Integrity: Spartans are honest, trustworthy and responsible.

Perseverance: Spartans are steadfast in the pursuit of success.