York Tech Athletic Insurance

The York County School of Technology provides insurance for Spartan student/athletes.

  • All athletes are covered by school insurance only during a sport's designated season as defined by the PIAA.
  • If students already have medical insurance, school insurance will cover what the policy does not, for covered expenses.  As with any insurance, there are exclusions and limitations.
  •  It is the student'sparent's responsibility to obtain a claim formfrom the trainer and file it with the insurance company.
  • The school will not be involved in the handling of insurance claims. Disputes must be taken care of by the individual filing the claim.
  • Students that participate in preseason open gyms, weight training, seven on sevens, conditioning programs, etc., are NOT covered by school athletic insurance. Parents and studnets must understand that participation in such sctivities is done at the studnets's own risk.
  • Make sure to keep copies of everything submitted.