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Future K-12 Teacher Development


This program is designed and delivered to develop future educators with the foundations and background to be successful upon entering a four-year teacher certification program. The curriculum will focus on the basic principles of educational psychology, art of teaching, planning and administration of educational activities, school safety and health issues, social foundations of education, child development, and developmentally appropriate educational strategies for Grades K-12. Students also earn some of the 480 training hours required to apply for a Child Development Associate Credential and/or a School Age Professional Credential.

Possible Certifications

  • Get Started with Center-Based Care (Required Health & Safety Training)

  • First Aid, Infant & Child CPR/AED Essentials

  • Act 31 Mandatory Reporter

  • Child Development Associate Credential

  • School Age Professional Credential


Students at York Tech are required to wear a uniform. Upper garments (shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) must be purchased through the school's Tech Gear Store. Lower apparel and safety equipment varies by program. The specific uniform requirements for Future K-12 Teacher Development can be downloaded using this link.

Potential Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for students graduating from York Tech's Future K-12 Teacher Development program.

What to Expect

Students interested in this program will take Early Childhood Education courses for the first two school years. After sophomore year, students will apply for full-time entrance into either Early Childhood Education or Future K-12 Teacher Development, and they will be accepted based on merit and other criteria. Students who are not approved for their first choice will be assigned to the other program. The terms of this rotation are subject to change as refinements are implemented.

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