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Flex Programs

Flex Programs are offered through a partnership between the Adult & Continuing Education Center and the York County School of Technology. They allow high school juniors and seniors, who did not attend York Tech as freshmen or sophomores, to benefit from our resources and preparatory courses. Students in Grades 11-12 may attend part-time Flex Programs, while students in Grade 12 may also choose from full-time Flex Programs. Please review the following brochure for details about each program.

Application Process
Students wishing to enroll in either a part-time or full-time Flex Program must complete one of the applications listed below. Completed applications must be returned to the student's counselor by May 1, 2024. Likewise, questions should be addressed to the student's counselor.

We have not started to accept flex program applications for the 2024-25 school year. Typically, the application window will open in February or March. When applications are being accepted, links to the 2024-25 applications will be posted in this section.

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