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Landscaping & Agriculture


The Landscaping & Agriculture Program covers training in equipment usage such as skid loader and Bobcat utility vehicle, greenhouse management, turf maintenance, plant identification, tree maintenance, nursery production and landscape design management, and construction, including pond and patio installation. Practical experience is gained through school landscape plantings, plan and maintenance of a vegetable garden, and maintenance of a nursery area.

Possible Certifications

  • Landscape Safety NA-CIP

  • S/P2 - Construction

  • National Safe Tractor & Machinery Operator

  • PCH Associate

  • OSHA Certification, Agriculture


Students at York Tech are required to wear a uniform. Upper garments (shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) must be purchased through the school's Tech Gear Store. Lower apparel and safety equipment varies by program. The specific uniform requirements for Landscaping & Agriculture can be downloaded using this link, and the YTech X uniform requirements can be found at this link.

Potential Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for students graduating from York Tech's Landscaping & Agriculture program.

What to Expect

This is a standalone program that does not rotate with any other programs. Students accepted into it will take Landscaping & Agriculture courses during all four years at York Tech, with the exception being students who participate in a co-op opportunity during their senior year.

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