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Licensed Cosmetology


Students in the Licensed Cosmetology program study topics such as safety, history, careers, professionalism, infection control, chemistry, PA state cosmetology law, salon business, and anatomy and physiology. In addition, students are training in hair care skills such as shampooing, hair cutting, styling, braiding, perming, relaxing, coloring, foiling, extensions, and up-dos. Instruction also includes the care of hands, nails, feet, toes, and skin. Makeup artistry is also part of the curriculum. Students practice their skills on mannequins, practice hands, or people.

During their junior and senior year, students participate in clinical experience by demonstrating services on customers at the Spartan Spa cosmetology clinic.

Upon completion of 1,250 hours of training, a transcript of 75% of higher in the course, and an official criminal record history check, students are able to take the State Board Examination, which is required for licensing.

Possible Certifications

  • Barbicide Certification

  • S/P2 Cosmetology

  • Nail Technology License

  • Cosmetology Teacher License

  • Cosmetologist License

  • Human Trafficking Awareness Certification

  • Infection Control Communications

  • S/P2 Ethics & You in the Cosmetology Industry

  • S/P2 Time For Team Huddle

  • First Aid

  • Domestic Violence Awareness


Students at York Tech are required to wear a uniform. Upper garments (shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) must be purchased through the school's Tech Gear Store. Lower apparel and safety equipment varies by program. The specific uniform requirements for Licensed Cosmetology can be downloaded using this link, and the YTech X uniform requirements can be found at this link.

Potential Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for students graduating from York Tech's Licensed Cosmetology program.

What to Expect

This is a standalone program that does not rotate with any other programs. Students accepted into it will take Licensed Cosmetology courses during all four years at York Tech, with the exception being students who participate in a co-op opportunity during their senior year.

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