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Precision Machining Technology


This program builds a firm foundation in eight key areas: lathe, mill, grinder, drill press, bench work, precision measurement, print reading, and understanding geometric tolerances. Students cover advanced machining techniques on Computer Numerical Control machines (CNC).

Possible Certifications

  • I2L Safety for Machining 

  • I2L Benchwork

  • I2L Layout

  • I2L Materials

  • I2L Shop Mathematics, Level 1

  • I2L Shop Mathematics, Level 2

  • I2L Reading Manufacturing Blueprints

  • I2L Precision Measurement

  • I2L Speeds & Feeds

  • I2L 3-Axis Milling Machine Setup

  • I2L 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine Programming

  • I2L Haas Mill Intuitive Programming System

  • I2L CNC Lathe Setup

  • I2L CNC Lathe Programming

  • Haas CNC Mill Operator Certification

  • Tow Motor Driver Certification

  • I2L Manual Mill

  • I2L Haas Lathe Intuitive Programming System

  • I2L Renishaw Machine Tool Probing Systems 

  • I2L Drill Press

  • I2L Manual Lathe

  • I2L Precision Grinding

  • OSHA Certification

  • NIMS Machining Level I: Planning, Benchwork, Layout

  • NIMS Machining Level I: Measurement, Materials, Safety

  • NIMS Machining Level I: Manual Turning With Chucking

  • NIMS Machining Level I: Manual Turning Between Centers

  • NIMS Machining Level I: Manual Surface Grinding

  • NIMS Machining Level I: Manual Milling

  • NIMS Machining Level I: Manual Drill Press Operations

  • NIMS Machining Level I: CNC turning

  • NIMS Machining Level I: CNC milling

  • NIMS CNC Turning: Programming Setup & Operations

  • NIMS CNC Milling: Programming Setup & Operations


Students at York Tech are required to wear a uniform. Upper garments (shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) must be purchased through the school's Tech Gear Store. Lower apparel and safety equipment varies by program. The specific uniform requirements for Precision Machining Technology can be downloaded using this link.

Potential Career Opportunities

There are many career opportunities for students graduating from York Tech's Precision Machining Technology program.

What to Expect

Students interested in this program will take courses in Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing and Precision Machining Technology for the first three marking periods. After the third marking period, students will apply for full-time entrance into one of the two programs, and they will be accepted based on merit and other criteria. Students who are not approved for their first choice will be assigned to the other program included in the rotation.

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