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Culinary Arts Teacher

Job Type:

Full Time

Job Overview & Description

General Description:

The Culinary Arts Teacher shall have responsibility for the instruction of high school students in the culinary arts program. Duties shall include classroom instruction, lesson plan design, progress monitoring, curriculum and content planning and collaboration with other culinary staff members. This position reports to the Academy Principal.

Required Qualifications:

The individual to be hired to the position of Culinary Arts Teacher must meet the following conditions and qualifications:

  • PA CTE Teaching Certification in Quantity Foods strongly preferred. PA Instructional certification in Family and Consumer Science is also appropriate for this position.

  • Noncertified candidates must have at least four years of full time (or equivalent) work experience within the field after their high school graduation date. Candidates not possessing PA teaching certification must be willing to complete required college coursework and testing requirements through Penn State University to obtain full certification.

  • Graduate from a culinary arts program or formal education in culinary arts strongly preferred.

  • Diverse culinary experiences, including but not limited to baking and pastry.

  • Practical knowledge of food preparation, the overall structure and workflow of a kitchen, culinary facilities, supplies equipment, and safety and sanitation guidelines.

  • Ability to communicate with a diverse group of students, parents, coworkers, and the community in a manner which demonstrates dignity and respect.

The School reserves the right to excuse any applicant from meeting one or more of the listed qualification requirements, provided the applicant possesses other qualifications in addition to the minimum set forth herein, and that the School deems those qualifications to be an adequate and acceptable substitute for the particular qualification(s) not possessed by the applicant.

Key Responsibilities:

The Culinary Arts Teacher must have the ability to perform the following essential functions with or without reasonable accommodations:

  • Instruct students in grades 9—12 in various aspects of culinary arts, complying with state and industry standards. This may include, but is not limited to, food preparation, menu planning, nutrition, food resources, culinary skills, culinary culture and history, equipment and supplies, inventory, quality controls, costs and pricing, safety, and sanitation.

  • Create and implement lesson plans conforming to school requirements for content and/or format.

  • Maintain accurate records of student progress and submit grade reports as required.

  • Create a positive environment conducive toward learning.

  • Work cooperatively with other culinary program staff members and promote a cohesive team-based approach to the program and curriculum.

  • Contact parents or guardians when necessary.

  • Develop connections with local businesses and outside organizations to promote internships, sponsorships, and/or job placement.

  • Attend school functions as required.

  • Other professional duties as assigned.

About York Tech

For over 50 years, the York County School of Technology has provided high-quality, dynamic academic and technical education to its students. As a result, York Tech graduates are both career and college ready, and we have been ranked as the #1 comprehensive technical school in the state of Pennsylvania. We're proud to serve a diverse population of 1,700 students from 14 sending school districts in York County. You can learn more about our programs and students in the following videos.

Mission Statement

The York County School of Technology is dedicated to providing high quality, dynamic academic and technical education for students, emphasizing professional skills while fostering the development of compassionate, lifelong learners who appreciate unique differences of other individuals and cultures.

Shared Values

In order to accomplish our mission, the York Tech community has embraced six core values: professionalism, empathy, innovation, optimism, integrity, and perseverance.

Nondiscrimination Statement

The York County School of Technology does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities. Inquiries may be directed to Mr. Gerry Mentz, Director of Student Services, at 2179 S. Queen Street; York, Pennsylvania 17402; 717-741-0820 x5108; or

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