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           The following information is in regards to your student(s) schedule through January 28th at this time. Please read the information carefully and at length.


           All students will return to their hybrid cohorts for in-person instruction on January 19th. January 19th will be an A2 day. The school day will return to a normal schedule, beginning at 8:10 am and ending at 3:00 pm. Your bus will return to a regular pick up and drop off schedule as well.


 In order to acclimate the students back to the hybrid schedule as well as provide teachers with the opportunity to meet with each in person class at least twice prior to the end of the marking period, we will extend 2nd marking period to now end January 28th.   


          Please continue to review the COVID-19 screening tool each morning prior to your student(s) leaving for school. If your student is showing symptoms as noted on the covid-19 screen tool please do not send them to school. It is imperative that we all work together to ensure the health and safety of all students, faculty, and staff for York Tech to remain open with our hybrid cohort model.


           This adjustment is subject to change based on the health of staff and students. We will communicate with as much notice as possible if we are unable to return to our hybrid model on January 19th.


As a reminder:

Student Cohort

A-1 = Cohort 1, A day   Last Name:  A-Le

A-2 = Cohort 2, A day   Last Name:  Lf-Z

B-1 = Cohort 1, B day   Last Name:  A-Le

B-2 = Cohort 2, B day   Last Name:  Lf-Z



If you have any questions please call the high school office at 717-741-0820.


Thank you,

York County School of Technology


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  Apply here if you DO NOT have a student that currently is enrolled at York Tech.          Apply here if you DO have a student currently enrolled at York Tech.

Applications received by December 4th will be considered for  acceptance first. You may still apply until March 31st. Information on tours  and testing will be provided by your school counselor.
To learn more about Admissions CLICK HERE

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Attention Parents and Guardians:

Communications throughout the 2020-2021 School year will be sent via Skyward Email. 
If you are not signed up to receive emails through your student's
Skyward account please call the high school office as soon as possible.
Phone:717-741-0820 x4999
*Month by Month 2020-2021 School Year Calendar


Diversity unites YORK TECH

Dear Spartan Nation,           

York County School of Technology is dedicated to supporting our community, students, and alumni to the best of our ability, and we  denounce racism of any kind, and the unfair or unjust treatment of any individual. We are dedicated to providing high quality, dynamic academic and technical education for students, emphasizing professional skills while fostering the development of compassionate, lifelong learners who appreciate unique differences of other individuals and cultures. In order to accomplish our mission, we encourage the York Tech community to embrace our six core values in their daily lives: Professionalism, Empathy, Innovation, Optimism, Integrity, and Perseverance.

          We are saddened and heartbroken over the current unrest in regards to the needless loss of a life that has swept the nation.

  In light of recent events, we emphasize and encourage the equal treatment of all individuals no matter race, age, gender, or economic status.  The York Tech faculty, staff, and administration pride ourselves on equal opportunity and treatment of all individuals. Spartan Nation is made up of kind, understanding, supportive, and honest people and for that we are internally grateful.

Understandably, members of our very own Spartan Nationare hurting deeply at this time. York Tech works hard every day to create a culture where hate and discrimination does not exist. When our staff, families, and students enter our building we want them to feel a sense of pride, safety, and acceptance.  Please know, we are here for you during this difficult time.

We encourage you to carry our Spartan Values with you every day and treat everyone you encounter as a friend. Spartan Nation, we want you to know that we are here for you and we support you. We are committed to doing our part and continuing to support our families and students equally.


York County School of Technology

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  Spartan Mission Statement

The York County School of Technology is dedicated to providing high quality, dynamic academic and technical education for students, emphasizing professional skills while fostering the development of compassionate, lifelong learners who appreciate unique differences of other individuals and cultures.

Spartan Values


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Upcoming Events


The calendar below shows UPCOMING EVENTS ONLY. 

To view COHORT SCHEDULED DAYS please click here

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
December 27, no events282930311January 02, no events
January 03, no eventsJanuary 04, no eventsJanuary 05, no eventsJanuary 06, no eventsJanuary 07, no eventsJanuary 08, no eventsJanuary 09, no events
January 10, no eventsJanuary 11, no eventsJanuary 12, no eventsJanuary 13, no eventsJanuary 14, no eventsJanuary 15, no eventsToday, January 16, no events
January 17, no events18January 19, no eventsJanuary 20, no eventsJanuary 21, no eventsJanuary 22, no eventsJanuary 23, no events
January 24, no eventsJanuary 25, no eventsJanuary 26, no eventsJanuary 27, no eventsJanuary 28, no eventsJanuary 29, no eventsJanuary 30, no events
January 31, no eventsFebruary 01, no eventsFebruary 02, no eventsFebruary 03, no events45February 06, no events

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